Sports Equipment Assembly

Need Help with Basketball Hoop Assembly in Pennsylvania?

Your Trusted Sports Assembly Expert

Assembled to precise specifications–that’s exactly what LMS Assembly Services specializes in.

We feature technicians who are experienced at assembly and installation for basketball hoops, trampolines, ping pong tables, and so much more. If you have purchased a stand-alone basketball hoop or mounted hoop, we can provide you with the assembly service you need.

A stand-alone hoop must be properly weighted and, of course, assembled. A mounted basketball hoop must be installed with the proper support or it can become a hazard that interrupts your fun on the court.

We’re Always Ready to Serve

LMS Assembly Services routinely provides basketball hoop assembly services for customers in Greensburg, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Somerset, and many other PA communities. Our fully trained technicians have expertise when it comes to sports equipment assembly. If it comes in a box, we can tackle the assembly job for you. Our technicians are assembly experts, experienced, and dedicated to providing industry-leading signature service. A new basketball hoop can provide loads of outdoor fun–as soon as the assembly is completed properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. Contact the pros at LMS Assembly Services today at 814-791-5343 or 757-655-8003 to assemble your new basketball hoop today.