Exercise Equipment Assembly

Looking for Reliable Exercise Equipment Assembly in Pennsylvania?

Enjoying Safe Exercise Equipment

In order to function optimally, new exercise equipment must be assembled and properly installed.

LMS Assembly Services features technicians who are experienced in precise onsite exercise equipment assembly. Improper assembly and installation can pose a safety risk if you’re using the machine and something breaks while the equipment is in use! Poor assembly can even do permanent damage to your equipment. At LMS Assembly Services, our technicians are exercise equipment assembly experts. They’re dedicated to providing best-quality workmanship when completing all of your assembly projects.

A Track Record for Success

LMS Assembly Services can provide exercise equipment assembly for customers in and around Greensburg, Somerset, Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and many other Pennsylvania communities. We charge affordable rates for our service and are known for our efficient work. Whether you have a single rowing machine or treadmill that requires assembly, or even if you have enough new equipment to fill your entire home gym for the ultimate workout session, we can help at LMS Assembly Services. Give us a call today at 814-791-5343 or 757-655-8003 if you’re ready to kickstart your new you with precision exercise equipment installation!

Our Exercise Equipment Assembly Covers:

  • Treadmills

  • Ellipticals

  • Home Gyms

  • Professional Exercise Equipment

  • Bowflex Machines

  • Rower Machines