Sports Equipment Assembly

Searching for Safe Basketball Hoop Assembly in Virginia?

Get the Most out of Your Athletic Equipment

LMS Assembly Services proudly provides industry-leading sports equipment assembly services to homeowners as well as businesses across the state of Virginia.

We enjoy a local reputation for excellence and signature service in many VA communities including Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and more. Whether you’re looking for precision assembly of trampolines and ping pong tables or basketball hoops and air hockey tables, our team has your needs covered. We’re always ready to deliver responsive service, professional setup, and thorough cleanup after an assembly is completed, so contact our team today to experience a hassle-free assembly for all of your sports equipment.

Proven Problem Solvers and Troubleshooters

Like any other furniture or furnishing that goes in your home, sports equipment that’s kept indoors or outdoors needs to be properly assembled to make sure you get the most out of your investment. LMS Assembly Services is ready to tackle your next sports equipment assembly job, and for a cost that’s a lot lower than you might expect! We’re well-versed in providing our customers with smart solutions to help them overcome any project obstacles that might appear during the setup, so you can rest easy when you contact us at 814-791-5343 or 757-655-8003 to get your next project started.