Swing Set Assembly

Searching for Dependable Swing Set Assembly in Virginia?

Enjoy More Fun with the Kids

Since when did playtime begin with unpacking and assembling?

LMS Assembly Services understands that parents want to spend time with their children, not an instruction manual. That’s why our certified technicians offer playset and swing set assembly services and are familiar with all the brands and models in the marketplace today. We have installed hundreds of swing sets of every size to date, and are capable of sorting through the huge boxes and hundreds of pieces to safely assemble the newest addition to your backyard.

Swing Set Maintenance Suggestions

Check all nuts and bolts twice during the usage season for tightness. Tighten as required. It is particularly important to check & tighten bolts at the beginning of each season. Check swings, chains, and slides for cracks or deterioration. Replacement should be made at first sign of deterioration. Your play equipment should be inspected on a regular basis.

If any of the following conditions are noted, they should be removed, corrected or repaired immediately to prevent injuries:

  • Hardware that is loose or worn, or that has protrusions or projections.

  • Scattered debris, litter, rocks, or tree roots within the play area.

  • Rust and chipped paint on metal components.

  • Splinters, structural wood imperfections, or decayed wood components.

  • Missing or damaged equipment and or components, such as hardware, handholds, panel slats, etc.

It is also important to stain and seal the wood components of your play system as needed. This will not only keep your playset looking nice, but it will also prolong the life of the system by limiting moisture and UV rays that the wood is naturally exposed to. It is recommended that you use a high quality stain/sealant. Any reputable paint store will be able to recommend a suitable product for your play system. Contact us at 814-791-5343 or 757-655-8003 to discuss your swing set assembly and installation project.